Creative Engagement Ring Shots

Place the couples engagement ring on a prop and have the couple in the background. Focus on the ring only by opening up your aperture to have the couple blurred in the background. This tip is great for capturing those prop details.
Placing an engagement ring on or in a flower can be tricky. Engagement rings do weigh a bit so you can risk dropping the ring so one tip is to have the couples hand support the flower that holds the ring. This will safeguard the engagement ring and add a bit of the client into the shot.
Another tip to get a great engagement ring photo is to look for textures or colors where the ring will pop. In this photo I loved the texture of a boulder and I was really digging how sun light was hitting the rock as well. We placed the ring on the darkest spot of the rock to distinguish it from the rock.
Sometimes keeping your clients ring on their hands can also make a great engagement detail photo. Brides-to-be usually get their nails done and often wear other nice jewelry that can add to the photograph. Here we had our client cross her fingers and had the groom hold her so his hands would also be in the photos. Easy and simple.
One of the classic rings shots is having it placed in it’s original box and having the client show it off to the camera. I usually shoot these photos very open, which blur the couple in the background, giving full focus to the ring and box.

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