Sarah Verenice Backyard Wedding – Edinburg, Texas

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Are you thinking of having your wedding surrounding by a small group of your closest family and friends instead of having a huge wedding with some people you might not have seen in years? We love the intimacy of small backyard wedding.

Sarah and Verenice opted for a small intimate backyard wedding. It started as a rainy day which did not phase the couple because rain on a wedding day is good luck.

Here are some benefits of having a backyard wedding. It is less expensive to host a backyard event than at a ballroom. It is more intimate, as you most likely have to limit the guest to your closest friends and family. You will have full control of the wedding. Your house, your rules! Lastly, you and your partner can get ready in your own home. You do not have to worry about packing, driving or additional expenses that come with big wedding planning.  

We loved how beautiful and intimate Mrs. Sarah and Mrs. Verenice Ortiz Wedding was that we had to share some of our favorite moments from this gorgeous backyard wedding.

If you are having a small wedding and would like for us the capture it please fill out the form below.

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