Angelica Eduardo Engagement Session – Edinburg, Texas

Engagement sessions can be fun, intimate and silly all at the same time! Honestly, it’s what you make of your time with your photographer that will determine how great your photos turn out. Here are a few pointers on making the best of you engagement session.

  1. Choose fun coordinating outfits that compliment each other. Make sure to take comfort into consideration. You don’t want to be making clothing adjustments every other minute during your engagement photo shoot.
  2. Choose a location that fits your personality, your wedding theme, or your overall esthetic. If your partner sweats a lot then choose a location with indoor access. If you want a staircase let your photographer know so they can give you local photo shoot location options.
  3. Most importantly be present and be happy. Your faces are the main focus of this shoot and if you’re showing up to the photo shoot angry or bothered it’s going to show in the photos. Find your inner happy spot, talk it out with your partner and have fun with it.

LOCATION ONE: Private Residence


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