Can I bring my gun and dog to my engagement session? Yes…

We have had some pretty interesting request from couples who have hired us for their engagement portraits over the years but I think this one tops it. Rolly and Jess are one of the sweetest couples you will ever meet. As we were planning their engagement shoot they asked us if they could bring their gun and dog to their shoot.

Can I bring my gun and dog to my engagement photo shoot? As you can see from these pictures we said YES! Because we are pros and love being creative we had no issue with this request. The tricky part to a request like this is finding a photo shoot venue that allows pets and has no issue with firearms in their place of business, which we did. Mike over at Casa Polonia in Wesalco, Texas welcomed our clients’ creative request.

The groom was a major fan of John Wick and because I too love me some action packed Keanu Reeves movies I was all for it. We have a good list of pet friendly photo shoot locations in the Rio Grande Valley, so it was a matter of just presenting the venues to the clients for their choosing.

We would also like to share that just because you bring your dog and gun to the photo shoot, not all your photos will have your dog and gun in frame. We also like to take “normal” engagement photos of y’all as well!

If you are looking for a pet friendly photo shoot location for your engagement portraits please fill out the form below so we can help you find the best place for y’all!

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