Freddy Diana Engagement – Hummingbird Spring Event Venue

Hummingbird Springs Event Venue offers some of the best the valley has to offer. There is lush greenery with the Rio Grande Valley’s natural trees and plants. So every angle that we shoot we are going to get amazing photos.

Our couple chose this very location for its beauty and we are excited to share some of our favorite shots.

One of our favorite features from Hummingbird is their cute pergola where we sometimes treat as a dance floor for our couples.

You can shoot up close, down-low, from angle or from behind a bush and your photos will turn out beautiful because of amazing this place is.

The way the sun comes through at Hummingbird always makes for great images and serves as the best source of light.

If you would like to schedule your engagement session at Hummingbird Springs Event Venue please fill out the form below.

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