To Monochrome, or not to Monochrome?

The classic black and white photo. The description says it all, classic. It is where photography began and after years of technological advancements in the field of photography, we still continue to create photos in black and white. What draws us to use black and white photos when companies each year strive to develop cameras with more megapixels, screen’s with more resolution and printers with more ink?

My answer, the simplicity. When you take away all the color you focus on what is important. It stirs the imagination and allows you to slow down and appreciate the nature of the photograph. Could they be showing you how a shadow falls on the ground, or drawing your eye to a beautiful geometric line or is it to showcase the emotions of the subject?

In wedding photography, as photographers, we are there to document the events and the emotions of one of the most memorable days in someone’s life. From the beginning of the day where you might be a little nervous and excited. The slight tear under the eye as you hear your loved ones vows. The pure joy of a first kiss as a married couple. The sweet embrace as your gaze into each other’s eyes during your first dance.

So even though camera’s are coming out with more and more colors I know that at Bee Beautiful Photo will continue to honor the power of a simple B/W photo.

Bee Beautiful people.

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