Top 5 Wedding Venues with Staircases

As professional wedding photographers we are always on the lookout for great photo shoot locations to take our awesome clients for their engagements, bridals, and wedding day portraits. Today we are sharing our Top 5 Wedding Venues / Photo Shoot Venues with Staircases.

A venue with a beautiful staircase can really lend itself to fun and elegant photos. We love staircases and our clients do too. Check out the list we made below.

Villa De Palmas Gardens

Located in the heart of Alamo, Texas the Villa De Palmas Gardens has probably one of the most recognizable staircases in the wedding photography industry. It’s a great place for engagements, bridals and wedding photos.

Casa Polonia

Weslaco, Texas has one of the most beautiful photo shoot venues that attracts tons of brides known as Casa Polonia. This indoor-outdoor photo shoot venue has a gorgeous outdoor staircase that really lends itself to gorgeous bridal portraits.

Texas Ranch

This venue is for the country bride but don’t let that turn you away. Inside this gorgeous venue is a beautifully welded Texas staircase that wraps the center of the home. You can pose your couple in front of it or on it and get amazing photos.

Museum of South Texas History

I bet you didn’t know you can take photos at the Museum of South Texas History huh? They do rent their commons area for weddings so, yes you can. They have one of the most beautiful sets of stairs in the RGV.

Casa Los Ebanos

Casa Los Ebanos is located in San Benito, Texas and it literally has everything you need to host a beautiful wedding or take gorgeous engagement photos. They do have a staircase indoor, a spiral staircase at that… Check out the location it’s beautiful!

The Bryan House

Every hipster brides favorite spot, The William Jennings Bryan House– “The Bryan House“, is located in Mission, Texas. It’s got a cool narrow black and white staircase leading up to one of their bedrooms that has beautiful window light spilling right on to it!

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