Top SPI Wedding Day + Engagement Photo Locations

If you are getting married at South Padre Island, Texas and your venue is hotel there will definitely be a lot of great areas to use for your formal portraits. Most hotels that have a ballroom for large events always have beach access, which is where your photographer should take advantage of taking your portraits with your partner and or bridal party. The couple below got married at The Hilton Garden Inn in South Padre Island, which had a cute pool area, beach access and led to the giant #spi letters you see in the photos.


One of those most common spaces we always see when visiting South Padre Island is the Visitors Center located right smack in the middle once you exit the bridge. If you haven’t shot there you are missing out. It’s a great location to use for engagement photos. You can have the bayside as your background or have their soft baby blue building. Right across the visitor’s center are the boat docks and Pier 19 Restaurant which also lends itself to great photos.

ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS South Padre Island Visitors Center

Take it back to basics: sand, water and sun! We had this couple meet us at the jetties because right at the corner of the jetties we had access to the granite formations, the bait store, the sand dunes and the beach. There’s so much to use in that area that you are bound to grab some beautiful photos.


You can always capture beautiful sunset photos over on the bayside of South Padre Island, Texas. It’s going to be a little smelly and kind of messy but will totally be worth the shots you will get! So if you got a car that wont get stuck in the sand and you don’t mind getting dirty, we highly recommend the bayside at SPI for wedding or engagement photos.


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