10 Items to Bring to Your Bridal Getting Ready Room

1.Wooden Hanger

A light color or wood color hanger makes for an elegant photo and compliments your wedding day dress. A bonus idea is to have a custom hanger created with your new last name. Here is a link from Etsy where you can purchase some of these cute hangers: Buy Bridal Dress Wooden Hangers.

2. Wedding Dress

Have your wedding dress hung up in your getting ready room. Take the plastic and extra paper out of the inside of the dress. Fluff your wedding dress after you hang it up, this will help it resume its original shape, as well as give it time to remove any wrinkles before you walk down the aisle. Check out this video for more tips: Prep a Wedding Dress.

3. Wedding Veil

A bride’s outfit is complete with this accessory. Make sure to cut all tags off of your wedding details before the photographer arrives. Place your veil either on a flat surface or hang it up to remove any wrinkles.

4. Wedding Invitations

Have the complete set of your wedding invitations, that includes the: wedding invitation, envelopes, wedding save-the-dates, and RSVP’s. A bonus detail is to have a couple of stamps you used for sending the invitations out. The photographer could stylize your invitations with the rest of your bridal details for some cool pics.

5. Jewelry

Have all your wedding jewelry in an organizational box, that includes your: necklace, earrings, all three wedding rings (Groom’s ring, your engagement ring and Bride’s wedding ring), and any other jewelry pieces that you plan on wearing. You can also choose to keep your jewelry in its original packaging, just be sure to remove any plastics or tags. The photographer could also stage your jewelry along with your shoes, bouquet and other bridal details.

6. Bride’s Shoes

Make sure to take off the stickers from the bottom of the shoes. Hopefully by your wedding day you broke in the shoes so you wont be hurting on the dance floor. Just in case you can plan ahead and also have a second pair of cute flats or bridal sneakers to last the night. Here is a link to a very popular sneaker some of our brides have worn on their wedding day: Bridal Sneakers.

7. Bouquet

One of the major details that completes every bride’s look is the bouquet. The possibilities are endless with the many flowers you can select for your one of a kind bouquet. Whether you choose to have it made or you decide to DIY it, make sure to keep it in a cool room and hydrated in a vase. You can get creative and add special jewels, trinkets, or lockets with the pictures of your loved ones that have passed. Check out the blog we made about unique bouquets: Bridal Bouquet Ideas.

8. Perfume

Ideally bring a full perfume bottle. Nerves can take a toll on a bride and that stinks, but that doesn’t mean you should! You can choose to wear your favorite fragrance or you can pick a scent that matches your bridal style. Which ever way you choose, just know that whenever you catch a whiff of the fragrance thereafter, you’ll always be brought back to your big day and all the celebratory moments you shared with your spouse, family, and friends.

9. Extras to Make the Details Prettier

Adding extra decor to your getting ready room can make the space more fun and more you. For example, bringing in some letter balloons of you and your beau’s initials or personalized wine glasses for you and your girls. These accents will bring your other wedding details to life.

10. Robes:

On your wedding day, you’ll spend a lot of time behind-the-scenes getting ready with your girls. What a better way to prep than by wearing cool classy comfy robes that not only look and feel great, but also ensure no hair or makeup casualties! Etsy has cute selections for your bridal party robes.

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