Bridal Bouquet Ideas

vintage bridal brochette bouquet

Every bride wants to be unique on their wedding day and rightfully so! One thing that can distinguish you from other brides is your wedding day bouquet. If you are looking for unique wedding day bouquet ideas check out some awesome ones we have photographed throughout the years.

The Brochette Bouquet

vintage bridal brochette bouquet
Beautiful bridal bouquet made out of brochette.

Nothing says unique bouquet like a brochette bouquet. A free spirited bride we photographed made this very eccentric bouquet made out of a variety of brochettes she had collected over the years. If you are wanting to build a brochette bouquet, vintage stores or second hand stores are filled with cute trinkets like these. The sky is the limit with this type of bouquet so have at it.

The Classic Bouquet

red rose bridal bouquet weslaco texas
casa polonia bridal photo shoot wesalco texas

Long considered a symbol of beauty and love, roses are the classic bouquet flower. You can’t go wrong with a bouquet of roses! If you are brave enough to make your own bouquet, roses can easily be found at your local floral shops or even at your local grocery floral department like H.E.B. Blooms Flower Shop.

The Everlasting Bouquet

peony bridal bouquet rgv wedding bride
Pink peony bridal bouquet wedding day Harlingen texas.

There’s nothing wrong with using fake flowers to make your bouquet, you make the rules! Local arts and crafts stores such as Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and downtown floral shops have many choices of beautiful flowers that look like the real deal. A plus side to having your bouquet made out of artificial flowers is you can keep it forever, and it might even cost less.

The Pearl Bridal Bouquet

Ditch the traditional floral bridal bouquet and walk down the aisle holding a show-stopping beautiful pearl bouquet! This might not be the easiest DIY bouquet, but it’ll totally be worth it.

The Cascading Bridal Bouquet

A cascading bouquet is an arrangement of flowers that literally cascades from the bride’s hands, creating a natural, trailing effect. It’s not the lightest bouquet to lug around, but it sure is gorgeous and elegant!

The Bling Bouquet

If you love bling there’s a perfect bouquet for you! Real flowers are cute but having a shinny sparkly bouquet in hand as you walk down the aisle makes a statement.

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