Mason Erica Surprise Proposal – South Padre Island, Texas

A man proposals to his girlfriend at South Padre Island, Texas.

We love helping clients plan and capture their surprise proposals. We have done quite a few and every single one has always been super unique. Mason and I had been planning this proposal for a quick minute and it was finally time to make it happen some unforeseen issues happened and we had to postpone. A week or so late we were back on track. We worked together with Charming Picnics and Sandy Feet Sandcastle. These vendors are great, we have worked together with them on some past proposals.

Some advice for couples, the ladies mostly, always bring cute props such as the boyfriend/girlfriend tumblrs seen above. They always make for great photos!

If you are planning a surprise proposal at South Padre Island, Texas and would like for us to capture it please fill out the form below.

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