Mason Erica Surprise Proposal – South Padre Island, Texas

We love helping clients plan and capture their surprise proposals. We have done quite a few and every single one has always been super unique. Mason and I had been planning this proposal for a quick minute and it was finally time to make it happen some unforeseen issues happened and we had to postpone.Continue reading “Mason Erica Surprise Proposal – South Padre Island, Texas”

Surprise Proposal – Casa De Palmas

One of our favorite things to capture are surprise proposals. On this day we captured the Chen’s surprise proposal at Casa De Palmas, Trademark Collection by Wyndham located in McAllen, Texas. They were both so nervous! You can feel it as they walked up to the table but it was all worth it because heContinue reading “Surprise Proposal – Casa De Palmas”

Ben Marianne Surprise Proposal – Mission, Texas

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